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Category : Season At Bats

 169Larry Kramer Pilots 1974
 166Ray Bregg Allentown Wings1983
 163Rico Bellini Pilots 1972
 163Dan Garcia Generals 1973
 163C. Mitchell Teamsters 1981

Category : Season Batting Average

 0.512Jeff Goergan Quakertown Blazers1986
 0.481Jeff Trout Allentown Wings1982
 0.471Andy Donatelli Allentown Wings1984
 0.458John Kochmansky Quakertown Blazers1987
 0.446Craig Walck Allentown Wings1980

Category : Season Doubles

 18Tom Nuneviller Quakertown Blazers1989
 18Ian LawKutztown Rockies2005
 17Vin DiFazioQuakertown Blazers2005
 17Karl KrailoLehigh Valley Catz 2006
 17Fred DeVito Generals 1977
 16Bill Ashford Pilots 1982
 15Doug Davis Scanton Red Soxx1983
 15Greg Housner Scanton Red Soxx1982
 15Vin Marchese Nationals 1977
 15Jared Musolf Colts 1999

Category : Season Hits

 77Jeff TroutAllentown Wings1982
 63Tim Bishop Quakertown Blazers1985
 63Jeff Goergan Quakertown Blazers1986
 63Gary Resetar Pilots 1987
 61John Kochmansky Quakertown Blazers1987
 62John AndradeScanton Red Soxx1981
 58Tom Nuneviller Quakertown Blazers1989

Category : Season Home Runs

 17T.J. McDonald Generals 1983
 16Rick Lancelotti Scanton Red Soxx1976
 14Jim Ambromitis Allentown Wings1978
 13Greg Housner Scanton Red Soxx1982
 12Mike Ryan Scanton Red Soxx1982
 12Sean Ryan Athletics 1989
 12Vin Marchese Nationals 1977
 12Josh MasonRiverhead Tomcats2012

Category : Season Runs Batted In

 58Mike Palys Scanton Red Soxx1988
 57Gene Autry Allentown Wings1983
 53Joe SolomenoCenter Moriches2012
 51R. Lancelotti Scanton Red Soxx1976
 51T.J. McDonald Generals 1983
 50Jon Deutsch Quakertown Blazers1986

Category : Season Runs Scored

 66Mike Palys Scanton Red Soxx1988
 57Jeff Trout Allentown Wings1982
 54J. Kochmansky Quakertown Blazers1987
 50Gene Autry Allentown Wings1983
 50B. Sasserman Allentown Wings1983

Category : Season Slugging Percentage

 0.836R. Lancelotti Scanton Red Soxx1976
 0.819Jeff Trout Allentown Wings1982
 0.796T.J. McDonald Generals 1983
 0.782Sean Ryan Athletics 1989
 0.767Pat Kelly Quakertown Blazers1987

Category : Season Stolen Bases

 49Evan Chipman Lehigh Valley Catz 2003
 44Dana Brown Jersey Pilots1986
 39Al Ortiz Jersey Pilots1977
 36Tony Bonura Nationals 1985
 35Steve Scafa Nationals 1979
 32Lou Munoz Generals 1986

Category : Season Total Bases

 131Jeff Trout Allentown Wings1982
 115Pat Kelly Quakertown Blazers1987
 113T.J. McDonald Generals 1983
 108Sean Ryan Athletics 1989
 106Tim Bishop Quakertown Blazers1985

Category : Season Triples

 9Carl Loadenthal Quakertown Blazers2002
 9Glenn Meyers Pilots 1984
 8M. Warrenfeltz Allentown Wings1980
 8Mike Palys Scanton Red Soxx1988
 7John Kochmansky Quakertown Blazers1986
 7Bob Mitchell Teamsters 1974
 7Pat Kelly Quakertown Blazers1987
 7Mike Moeller Generals 1999

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